The attraction of Cipaniis tourism object is a river with clear water which is rich in benefits such as medicinal properties such as strokes and paralysis; Useful for cleaning the face for youth; Can be used to clean a newly circumcised child; Until it is believed to bring a mate and launch sustenance.

The natural conditions around Cipaniis are soothing. The existence of pine trees that grow there adds to the impression of being beautiful and shady.

To feel the coolness of the water, you need to go down a number of stairs. Every visitor is allowed to swim, bathe, or just touch the cool, clear running water. Children are also free to swim and play in the water because the river flow is not that deep.

The Cipaniis River is located at Jalan Cirea Pasawahan, Paniis Village, Pasawahan District, Kuningan Regency