What can you do in Ciboer Pass Majalengka?

Ciboer, yes may not sound familiar to you, what is Ciboer it? Where? and What are you doing there?

Okay, so Ciboer it is a tourist destination again hits really, an expanse of rice or paddy terraces beautiful, even more travelers are saying that Ciboer much more beautiful than the terracing Ubud, Bali. Now let us discuss, what are the - what can you do in Ciboer Pass?

  1. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset, enjoy the sunset and sunrise at Ciboer pass indeed be one of the things that awaited by lovers of nature. Enjoying views of Ciboer pass has become the most frequent traveler, if lucky traveler could also see International Airport West Java Kertajati (depending on weather).
  2. Relax with a natural ambience and lush rice fields, it is most often preferred by a traveler from the city - a big city like Jakarta, which is very rare that they enjoy the atmosphere in Ciboer.
  3. Hunting, as his case several tourist attractions, Ciboer pass has a cool spot -spot photo and invited the photographer to mengexplore Ciboer beauty, but it is also a traveler could use drones to satisfy the needs of its videography.
  4. Playing in the middle field while wearing a farmer, this is indeed one of the most unique activities especially plow fields or play activities with the buffalo, will be better for sure.
  5. Enjoy a cup of coffee, enjoy a cup of coffee really is a must for true coffee lovers, but unfortunately not yet available in this Ciboer ready-mix barista coffee, but do not worry steaming cup of coffee you can still enjoy.
  6. Enjoy durian, because the area is not far from Ciboer Sinapeul, then eat durian sinapeul be the right choice for the traveler who is also the fruit durian lovers. However it is advisable to book in advance, or ask for help from the crew to buy durian sinapeul Ciboer.
  7. Camping, camping activities is usually done when there is an event in Ciboer, but if you want to do camping in Ciboer you can ask the crew Ciboer, or you want a homestay around are also available.


So a few things you can do in Ciboer pass Majalengka, do not forget to come to Ciboer pass, mileage is only 30 minutes from the city Majalengka and 1.5 hours from the international airport in West Java Kertajati.

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Regards the streets !!