Kertajati: The West Java Province Main Gate
Discover the diverse natural and cultural riches of West Java starting from here.
Preserving West Java Cultural Arts
Various Sundanese handicrafts that you can find here.

Welcome To Kertajati International Airport. The Biggest Airport in West Java Province.

Let's explore the richness of West Java starting from here.

Tourist Destinations from Kertajati

There are many tourist destinations that you can visit from Kertajati. Take time to visit there.

Get in to and from the Airport

How to get in to and from Kertajati Airport by bus, shuttle bus, car, or taxi.


Public buses available from and to Bandung and other cities.


There are several shuttles that can take you.


You can use a private car via the toll road.


If you prefer a taxi to the airport.

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