Get to know the unique charm of Curug Baligo Majalengka


The existence of Curug or Baligo Waterfall which is located in Baligo Block, in Padaherang Village, Sindangwangi District, Majalengka Regency, West Java Province is unique. This uniqueness makes tourists and travelers challenged to go to this tourist location.


Moreover, the location of this waterfall is in the Mount Ciremai National Park (TNGC) area. The location of this waterfall is also flanked by two hills, namely Baligo Hill and Padabeunghar Hill, which are part of the Kuningan Regency area.


Of course, millennial travelers in Majalengka and the surrounding area are very challenged to visit this location. Likewise, travelers outside Majalengka. Because of course, besides the location in the TNGC area, tourists also get a new location for their instragamable natural tourist destination spots.


This waterfall is categorized quite unique because under the waterfall there are two pools which naturally come into existence because of the overflow of water that falls down. So that it is formed like: The existence of a small river for water storage. This unique charm can also be clearly seen when a traveler looks at the small river below this waterfall which reaches approximately 100 meters in height. A few meters from this waterfall, the water already feels like dripping dew. The water of the waterfall flows in this river as wide as 5 meters.


According to residents in the vicinity of the waterfall, the river water, even though the rainy season is never dry. The water is still clear, because the water comes from mountain springs, besides that in this river there are lots of rocks that can make the river water clear.


To get to the location of this waterfall, you need to be extra careful if a traveler wants to visit. Moreover, to go to the first level waterfall which is rarely visited by visitors because they have to climb the first cliff or climb on it again.


To come to the waterfall, tourists can reach it from Lengkong Wetan, then head to the Cipancar Camping Ground. From that direction turn left towards Padaherang Village.


If the traveler and visitors travel starting from West Java International Airport (BIJB), Kertajati can pass the route Jl. Jatibarang - Kadipaten and Jl. Raya Pantura, the travel time is 1 hour 48 minutes with a distance of 78.0 km to arrive at the location of the waterfall.