a. Search for Flight origin and flight numbers on the conveyor belt information screen.

b. Match the baggage number on the boarding pass with Luggage Tag.

c. Recalculate the amount of your luggage, to make sure no one is left behind




a. Make a report of loss to the airline before you leave the airport area.

Provide complete flight information. Show your identity card and boarding pass as evidence to strengthen the report.

b. Describe in full your lost or left behind items

Tips for you, if you do a photo flight and keep your checked baggage easier to find if you experience a loss.

c. Pay attention and monitor the information provided by the airline

If within three days there is no certainty from the airline, try tracking by calling the airport baggage service or directly to the airline's official office

d. Make sure you receive a Property Irregularity Report from the airline officer in the Lost and Found section



To ensure the safety and security of flights, there are regulations that must be obeyed by passengers of aircraft, including:

  • Not carrying sharp objects / weapons and blunt objects that may cause potential injury to other passengers, so that sharp / blunt objects should be reported to the clerk and stored in checked baggage.
  • Not carrying gas-containing objects that can trigger an explosion at a given pressure.
  • Not carrying a liquid beyond the 100ml limit in a package into the aircraft cabin, so it needs to be deposited into checked baggage, except for baby food or medicines to be consumed while on the flight.


Each checked baggage on check-in baggage is required to be packed in good condition in accordance with the applicable provisions.


Always check and make sure the airline you use is associated with the maximum weight limit that may be taken for your flight, whether for domestic flights or international flights. The maximum excess baggage weight that has been set, set tariffs by each airline.



  • Store your valuable luggage in cabin baggage.
  • Make sure the luggage stored on checked luggage is closed and locked properly.
  • Please remove the old baggage tags that are still attached to you, this is to avoid mistakes in handling your luggage.
  • Always keep your baggage tag and boarding pass well or on a small bag, so it will be easier for you to reach it whenever necessary.



  • Portable Power Chargers (Power Bank) or Lithium Batteries stored on aircraft are not connected to other electronic devices;
  • Portable Battery Chargers (Power Bank) or backup Lithium Batteries must be placed in the cabin baggage and banned on checked baggage.
  • Portable Battery Charger (Power Bank) or Lithium Battery that has a power of hours (watt-hour) of not more than 100 Wh can be carried by passengers
  • Portable Power Chargers or Lithium Batteries that have hourly power (watt-hour) of more than 100 Wh, but not more than 160Wh must get approval from the Air Transport Company and Foreign Air Transport Company and are allowed to be carried a maximum of 2 ( two) units per passenger.
  • Portable Battery Chargers (Power Bank) or backup Lithium Batteries that have a power of more than 160 Wh or an hour (watt-hour) of power cannot be identified as being prohibited from being taken to an aircraft.




  • Trolley is a stroller that serves as a means of transporting goods. The use of trolley at Kertajati Airport Terminal is intended for passengers / service users who need equipment to carry goods (baggage) from the Departure area to the waiting room (boarding lounge) or from the Arrival area to the curbside and parking area and the use is free (Free) ;


  • Assistance / Service helps and moves luggage for passengers (Pregnant Women, elderly, disabled people and children who are without companions) at the Terminal by Airport Helper officers free of charge. Airport Helper is available.


  • Wrapping Service is a service that helps to wrap your check-in baggage to prevent damage and theft of luggage. This facility is available in the check-in areas.