The Enchantment of the Exotic Terraces in Ciboer Pas Majalengka


For a traveler who has watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love with the main character starring the famous actor Julia Roberts, of course you will remember Ubud Bali, right? Yes, because filming a film in a tourist village which is known as a center for arts and culture. In Ubud, it is also famous for the exotic charm of its terraced rice fields which is also used as a brand to attract local, national and foreign tourists.


If a traveler visits Majalengka to enjoy its natural attractions, then the exotic charm of terraced rice fields similar to Ubud can be found at Ciboer Pass. The location of this destination is located on Jl. Ciboer, Bantaragung Village, Sindangwangi District, Majalengka Regency, West Java Province.


The natural and beautiful scenery of the village can be enjoyed by tourists who are in this Bantaragung Tourism Village. Travelers and visitors who are accustomed to living in cities that are saturated with traffic jams and various pollution will certainly enjoy the view of walking around the rice fields of this village.


Tourists can also use a bicycle to pedal while exercising along a patch of road in the Ciboer Pass area with a backdrop of beautiful exotic views of Mount Ciremai. Of course, that moment is very fitting to be immortalized as material for instragamable tours.


Travel time to this destination location if a local traveler starts his journey from the center of Majalengka City, about half an hour will arrive at the location. To get to the location, you can go through 3 routes:


The traveler's first choice of route access can be through Payung Village, Rajagaluh District. Furthermore, the second route visitors can take the path past Sindangpano to Bandar Agung. As for the last option, travelers can start from Lengkong to Cipete then take the straight road towards Payung Village. This path is a favorite route often traversed by bicycle lovers from various regions when traveling to the location.


If tourists from outside Majalengka whose journey begins with a transit at West Java International Airport (BIJB), Kertajati. Then the traveler continues to the location, there are several choices of travel routes. The first route passes Jl. Cikopo - Palimanan toll road, the distance is 1 hour 10 minutes covering a distance of 52.0 km. If visitors pass the Jl. Raya Beber, the trip is 1 hour 15 minutes with a distance of 44.2 km. The last choice is through Jl. Majalengka-Rajagaluh for 1 hour 26 minutes, 52.3 km away, visitors will arrive at the location.


A variety of exotic natural views can also be enjoyed by travelers when in locations such as: Beautiful green rice fields and amazing rice terraces. Tourists can enjoy and explore the crystal clear river water in rural areas that flows in this area. Sunrise and Sunset can also be seen in this place. Visitors who want to stay at this location are also available on a camping ground.