Kuningan Regency is one of the regions in West Java that has a very high tourism potential. Many tourist attractions are scattered throughout the Kuningan regency. Talking about the waterfall or waterfall is identical to a place that is far from the crowd and is perfect for those of you who want to pull aside for a moment from all activities of the world of work or enjoying school holidays.


The name of Curung Landung means "high waterfall" in accordance with its name. The height of this waterfall reaches 30 meters, with heavy and clean water discharge around the waterfall surrounded by natural vegetation.

There are facilities and many photo spots that are diagrammable so that they differentiate Curug Landung from other waterfalls. Some of the facilities available include:
- Gazebo for relaxing
- Food stalls
-    Worship place
-    Toilet
-    Parking area

Some isntagramable photo spots available at Curug Landung include:
- Swing hanging
- Flying rugs
- Sky bike
-    Air balloon
- giant clock
- Substation View
-    Etc

Although it only opened around 2016 Curug Landung has a beautiful charm to visit. The coolness of the natural mountains and the shade of the trees make anyone who visits will feel at home and you can capture photos using the available photo spots. The best time to enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of Curug Landung is 15.00-17.00.

The location of Curug Landung is on the road Pejambon-Sagara Hiang, Cisantana, Kuningan, West Java. For the price of an entrance ticket around Rp. 15,000 - Rp. 20,000. The entrance ticket fee does not include fees for using other facilities available at Curug Landung Tourism Object.