Exotic Enchantment to Know Ancient Animals on Biawak Island


The trend lately is that many tourists who are on long holidays or even weekends have begun to enliven the tourist destinations of Biawak Island which are exotic, interesting, full of thrilling challenges and can be used as an alternative to a photographer's instragamble spot source. Indeed, apart from being used as a tourist spot, this island is also used as a fauna conservation marked in this place which is inhabited by hundreds of lizards which are said to belong to ancient animal heritage.


Of course, if a traveler still remembers the Jurassic Park movie, right? So the memory of the travelers about the film is like being reviewed in the real world if the traveler is present directly in the area which is on Biawak Island or Rakit Island.


Geographically, Biawak Island is an island located in the Java Sea, in Indramayu Regency, West Java. Biawak Island is located in the north of the Indramayu peninsula about 40 kilometers from the north coast of Indramayu and administratively belongs to the Indramayu District area. As for the distance from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka to Biawak Island, as far as (169 km).


The tourists need not be afraid if they are on this island and meet the monitor lizards. They will not attack or disturb a traveler if their presence is not disturbed. This lizard also lives in the bush and in mangrove forests and becomes a wild animal.


If tourists want to see the lizard directly up close, they can lure it by placing pieces of fish meat as feedback so they want to come. Usually the lizard will come over, however, you must be vigilant and careful if you are close to the lizard because the lizard bite is very dangerous.


If a traveler wants to come to this island, one of the smartest strategies is to use a travel tour agent that provides tour package options so that getting a guide will make it easier, simpler and less confusing.


However, if the travelers have an adventurous spirit, the journey can be started from Muara Karangsong by boat. This water trip takes about 2 to 4 hours to reach the location. Even tourists who come from outside the city can use private or public transportation before crossing.


The destination facilities available on this island are quite complete, although they still seem simple. This is with the availability of bathrooms, places for worship and other facilities.


In this destination, there is also a place for pilgrimage by visiting some of the tombs of famous figures on this island. Like the tomb of Sheikh Imam who was a figure who spread Islam and the tomb of Z.M Willem the founder of the lighthouse.


Other features that travelers can enjoy on this island are: Being able to enjoy the natural phenomenon of the vast blue sea complete with a lighthouse and its pier. The lighthouse itself was built during the colonial colonial period in 1872. Until now, the lighthouse still stands firmly, with a lighthouse height of 65 meters and has been renovated several times. Tourists are also given the opportunity to be able to climb the lighthouse when they come to the location.


Even travelers on the edge of the beach can see firsthand the activity of marine biota breeding and cultivation in the form of floating cages. Those that are bred are very diverse, ranging from seaweed and several sea fish such as grouper fish and marine ornamental fish.


Other privileges of the traveler's facilities are provided to be able to do diving and snorkeling activities. This can be done because the coral reefs that are owned by Biawak Island are still fairly pristine compared to other nearby islands.


Tourists who like fishing can be spoiled and can enjoy it by renting a boat from fishermen. Fishing activities also seem very exotic to be enjoyed because they are in the middle of the ocean.


A traveler who hunts for beautiful, unique landscapes or even photo hunting can add to his agenda by visiting Biawak Island in Indramayu.