Commitment to Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in the organization of West Java PT International Bandarudara reflects the belief that the basic principles of Good Corporate Governance, or GCG arise as a result of the relationship of 3 (three) important pillars, namely:


  1. State and its apparatus as a regulator;
  2. The business world as well as providers of goods and services to market participants; and
  3. The public as users of goods and services and as an affected party can then show the care and control objectively.


Relation these pillars is expected to create a situation conducive business and markets and have a long-term sustainable aspects. At the internal level PT International Bandarudara West Java, an effort to implement corporate governance practices is one important step to increase the enterprise value (corporate value) and can encourage company management professional, transparent and efficient. The implementation of corporate governance practices can be either fully meet obligations to shareholders and to business partners, all stakeholders and the public as well as consumers in general.