Cikampek-Palimanan Toll Road

Cikampek-palimanan toll road, or abbreviated with Cipali Toll is a toll road that runs along the 116 kilometers that connects the area Cikopo, Purwakarta palimanan, Cirebon, West Java. The toll road is a continuation of the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road that connects with palimanan-kanci toll road. The toll road will also be the part of the Trans Java toll road that will connect Merak, Banten to Banyuwangi, East Java. This highway shortens the distance of 40 km and is expected to cut the travel time of 1.5 to 2 hours compared passed through the northern Gaza Jabar. Cipali Toll Road itself is part of the Jakarta-palimanan Toll Road. Kilometer 0 is in Cawang, Jakarta, and ends at kilometer 189 on palimanan. The toll operator is PT Lintas Marga Sedaya (LMS).





Cisumdawu Toll Road

Cisumdawu is a toll road along the 60 kilometer section of the Trans Java toll road in West Java which connects the area Cileunyi - Sumedang - Dawuan or Toll Padaleunyi with palimanan-kanci toll road using the whole land area of ​​825 ha.