At present Cirebon has four palaces which are valuable heritage of the Islamic kingdom, namely Kasepuhan Palace, Kanoman Palace, Kacirebonan Palace, and Keprabon Palace. The whole palace shows the fusion of architecture from Hinduism to Islam, and so on is infused with Chinese and Dutch influences, creating a unique Cirebon style architecture.


Keraton Kasepuhan is located in Lemahwungkuk District in Cirebon City which was built in 1529 by Pangeran Mas Mochammad Arifin II. Therefore, this palace is the oldest palace in Java with the longest history.


Keraton Kasepuhan is the largest, located on an area of ​​10 hectares, and the best among the other Cirebon palaces, where every corner has its own history. The buildings inside are all painted white where there is a throne room, the royal household's living room and reception area to meet guests. As usual with the palace in Java, the palace stands on the south side facing the square. While on the west side there is the Great Mosque of Sang Cipta Rasa.


Another interesting thing about this palace is the Lawang Sanga building which is located on the south side, directly on the banks of the Krayan river. This building is a tax and customs office during the reign of the Cirebon kingdom. All foreign goods entering the kingdom must pass through the Krayan River where the king's official will collect the necessary customs. Therefore, this building has an important role for the welfare of the kingdom.