Get to know the beauty of the Virgin waterfall, Curug Ciborete Majalengka


A trip to visit natural tourist destinations, of course, is a dream that travelers await, as if Drakor lovers are always waiting for the show at the end of a holiday weekend per week. The natural destination of Majalengka is actually not inferior to natural tourist locations made for drakor filming which are still enjoyed and become hits for drama lovers in this country.


Do not know, then do not love, of course natural locations also need to be known to love and mine them. One of the natural tourist areas that is still virgin and its location also requires a struggle to reach it is the Curug - (Waterfall) Ciborete destination.


The destination of this waterfall is in the area of ​​Jl. Yellow Mountain, Yellow Mountain, Sindang, Majalengka Regency. This natural object is still natural and not similar to other locations in Majalengka which have been managed professionally. It takes extra special care and attention when it comes to this location.


The tourists to go to this waterfall (waterfall) have no roads and road access that can be traversed normally, except for having to go along the river area to the waterfall. This is a challenge, right? Millennials and Gen Z who want to travel and enjoy a natural environment test that is still virgin and challenging, of course they really long to conquer it.


Of course, because the location is still virgin and beautiful, this waterfall destination has not been formally used as a tourist attraction. It takes cooperation from the local government, village government, youth organizations or the central government as well as the media to expose this area.


But for travelers who are young at heart and like natural challenges, it is precisely this virgin natural environment that is sought after, of course for travelers who like photographers and video shooting will immortalize it for exposure on their social media so that the existence of this waterfall is increasingly known to tourists around Majalengka. and outside Majalengka and even domestic and foreign tourists.


For travelers and travelers outside Majalalengka, whose journey initially starts from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, to the natural location of Curug Ciborete in the Gunung Kuning area will cover a distance of 36.2 km with a travel time of 55 minutes by passing the route Jl. . Jatiwangi - Majalengka / Jl. Jatiwangi - Majalengka - Karayunan.