Get to know the beautiful charm of the mystery of Mount Tilu Girimukti


Visiting tourist destinations in Majalengka Regency which also has the title 'Wind City' is certainly synonymous with meeting various locations that are directly related to nature in the form of: mountains, waterfalls, rice terraces, lakes or other natural tourist locations.


The mystery of the existence of Mount Tilu in Girimukti Village, Kasokandel District, Majalengka Regency is now starting to be glimpsed as a natural tourism location. Moreover, the location of roads and infrastructure to that destination is now good. So that travelers and tourists can visit this mysterious mountain.


Beautiful charm can also be found when travelers are present in this area, because they can enjoy the Sunres and Sunset from this place. Even from a 50 meter high rocky mountain, Majalengka City can be seen clearly. Of course, a traveler can capture the beauty of natural charm for Instagramability.


The origin of the existence of Mount Tilu in Girimukti Village, there are indeed several mystery stories in it. It is said that according to the villagers around the mountain from the mouth of the mouth, the history of the rock in the Cibatu block was that in ancient times, the beginning of the story in the location of the mountain there was a moor as a fairly large market.


Once upon a time, at that time there was an old man who was selling kerosene in the market. Then a horse was knocked down by a random horse, then suddenly from the incident, it appeared and turned into Mount Tilu at that time. Then with the passing of time and age, the mountain is still there. In the form of a mountain in the form of a large rock formation.


The three mountains all have different characteristics and characters. The first hill is almost all cliffs, the other hill looks like a pile of rocks and the last hill is like the ordinary hills that can be seen.


One of the activities that are exotic, rare and make tourists come to destinations on this mountain is when there is a local cultural performance in collaboration with the local government and the village government of Girimukti. What is the show? Yes, in the form of a 'Stone Marriage Festival at Mount Tilu'. This festival is held because 'Kawin Batu' is one of the cultural heritages of the local ancestors which contains moral messages to be passed on to the next generation.


Of course, to visit this destination tourists from outside Majalengka if the initial trip from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati then the travel time to the location is 37 minutes with a distance of 24.5 km via the route Jl. Kertajati - Kadipaten.