The area in South Bandung, precisely in the Pangalengan area, is very worthy of being used as a reference for visiting tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.
Visiting this place, you will find a stretch of tea garden which is very pleasing to the eye to behold. In addition, this region is also known as one of the best milk producers in West Java. When visiting tourist destinations, it's not wrong to stop by a famous natural tourist location, namely Situ Cileunca. The location is located in Wanasari Village, Pangalengan District, Bandung Regency, West Java.


The history of Situ Cileunca's existence traces its history from the existence of an artificial lake which was built during the Dutch colonial rule to control this area until 1926. This lake is above 1550 meters above sea level, with an area of about 1,400 hectares and a depth of up to 17 meters. The function of this lake was made for the purposes of hydroelectric power at that time. As the times change, the lake has now been converted into a natural tourism area.


If you have the opportunity to visit Situ Cileunca, you can find various uniqueness and advantages of this tourist attraction, including being able to get around to explore the lake using a boat that uses an engine.
Another uniqueness can be found for those who have a hobby of photography, because to get a good view / point of view, it is perfect to be there in the morning before sunrise. Because, this photo view against a beautiful lake background combined with the rising of the morning sun is perfect to be immortalized.


Other advantages can be found at this tourist location, namely, the tour package facilities are very varied, varied and full of challenges such as: The existence of rafting or rafting rides. This facility is very popular with tourists and is a superior choice. The location is also on the Palayangan River, where the water comes from Situ Cileunca.
Tourists are still spoiled for being able to choose a variety of other outbound tour packages such as: flyng fox, archery, paint ball games, pangalengan tours, camping or camping, lodging, food and others.


Another thing that is unique, interesting and intrigues tourists to always remember Situ Cileunca because of the existence of the Love Bridge. The Love Bridge was originally built by the village government over Situ Cileunca, intended to help the mobility and economy of residents between the two separate islands. For tourists who like photography, of course they don't forget to capture the interesting angles on this bridge.


Distance and travel time to Situ Cileunca from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, via several travel routes. The tour route starts from BIJB (KJT) to Bandung City through Cikopo-Palimanan-Purbaleunyi-Soroja Toll Road with a distance of (175, 7 km) within 2 hours 8 minutes. Then the tour continues from Soreang to Pangalengan with a distance of 32.7 km and can be reached in 1 hour 13 minutes via Jl Raya Pangalengan.