The beauty of the water expanse above the Cilutung waterfall


Visiting natural tourist destinations in the area where the waterfall is located (Curug in Sundanese) is of course very exotic and full of rhetoric challenges to come and capture the moment. Majalengka Regency, which is now continuously improving to develop its tourism sector, is indeed very suitable to be visited because there are many choices of natural tourism objects to visit.


Natural destinations in Majalengka that are currently hitting hits and many visitors are: Curug Cilutung located in Ciranca Hamlet, Talaga Kulon Village, Talaga District, Majalengka Regency.


The location of this tourist attraction is about 28 km from the city of Majalengka. If tourists from outside Majalengka and the start of the trip starting from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, the travel time to the location is 1 hour 34 minutes with a distance of 57.1 km through Jl. Majalengka - Cikijing.


This Cilutung waterfall also has many other names as discussed by tourists, namely: Gold waterfall, Ciranca waterfall and Campaga waterfall.


This exotic phenomenon of Cilutung waterfall that can be directly enjoyed by a traveler is being able to see the beauty of the water expanse above the Cilutung waterfall directly, of course this natural beauty is very suitable for instragamable object materials for travelers who come directly to the location.


The specialty of this Ciranca waterfall location can only be enjoyed by tourists during the dry season. Because around the waterfall there are rocks that are quite unique, natural, large and enchanting to be seen from the waterfall to the river. The rocks look so high like hills.


Note for tourists not to come to this waterfall in the rainy season because if the rainy season arrives, the water discharge will get bigger and even the water can become cloudy and brown. Therefore, this Gold Waterfall can also be categorized as a permanent waterfall, because the water discharge is very small and occurs during the dry season.


Traveler and travelers who like selfies, of course, this natural location can be used as a reference for photo spots or shooting videos to upload on their social media. This waterfall at Curug Cilutung sounds like classical music. A traveler can also bring a mat or mat to rest. Especially if you bring lunch together (Botram / the term eating together with Sundanese Cuisine in Tanah Pasundan) while enjoying the beautiful and healthy natural atmosphere in this waterfall.


Local tourists on holidays or weekends outside of Majalengka, many who come to the location of this waterfall from various regions. Among them are from the districts of Cirebon, Kuningan, Indramayu, Ciamis, Garut, Sumedang and Tasikmalaya.


The facilities available at this waterfall tourist destination include: Adequate parking space, which starts from the land which is now plastered. The provision of sanitation facilities has been distributed in the children's playground, so that trash does not scatter.


Waterfall or waterfall is the main choice tourist attraction in this tourist area. However, even if a traveler brings a large family and their children, there are several choices of rides that can spoil them. Now there is a children's swimming pool and gazebo for resting. If visitors like fishing, this Cilutung waterfall is also available for fishing.