Enjoy the magic of natural destinations in Bantaragung Tourism Village


A tourist area is an asset in an area because tourist destinations can generate income or drive the economy of the area. The existence of this phenomenon raises the awareness of citizens and local governments to develop tourist objects. This has also started to spread to this country including in Majalengka Regency.


With the inauguration of the use of the West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati is a momentum to drive tourism in Majalengka and its surroundings. One of the breakthroughs made by Majalengka residents who received the support of the local government to develop a new tourist area environment was the opening of several local destinations in Bantaragung Village, Sindangwangi District.


Tourist destinations that are the mainstay of the local tourist area are: Puncak Pasir Cariu, Batu Asahan, Bukit Batu Semar, Cipeuteuy Waterfall, Awi Lega Camping Ground, and Ciboer Pass Rice Terraces.


To develop this tourism sector, not only shows local tourist attractions that are often displayed by the village when welcoming tourists, but now it is also supported by complete facilities that can be enjoyed by travelers. To make travelers feel at home to enjoy the beauty of local destinations in this village, there are 370 houses that are used as homestays as tourist lodgings at very friendly rates per day on their wallets.


Natural tourism destinations that are the main choice of travelers when visiting local tourist sites in Bantaragung Village are the Cipeteuy Waterfall (Waterfall). This waterfall is attracting tourists because the water is still clean and comes from Mount Ciremai.


Another favorite destination which is the main destination for travelers, namely, visiting the Ciboer Pass, which is 1 km from Bantaragung Village. The phenomenon of natural natural beauty from Ciboer Pass is identical to the beauty of the terraced rice fields of Ubud Bali which is very famous and is the main destination for foreign tourists.


The location of rice fields in the form of terraces that are split by the Ciwaru River coupled with a green expanse of very exotic, natural rice, is certainly very suitable to be immortalized for traveler who is a photographer fan to decorate their Instagram


Likewise, when the sun sets and sets in the western horizon at that location, of course this rare moment of natural wonder can also be documented by tourists who like to make video shooting to appear on their social media.


Of course, this destination in Bantaragung Tourism Village is perfect for visiting travelers or local and national and foreign tourists to come to visit this natural tourism village in Majalengka. For travelers from outside Majalengka who initially transit visits at Kertajati West Java International Airport (BIJB), there are several travel route options, namely:


Passing Jl. The Cikopo-Palimanan toll road takes 1 hour 10 minutes, with a distance of 52.0 km. When passing the Jl. Raya Beber takes 1 hour 15 minutes is 44.2 km away and the final alternative is through Jl. Majalengka-Rajagaluh with a time of 1 hour 24 minutes with a distance of 52.3 km.