The Enchanting Enchantment of Curug Leles Majalengka


The term curug tour in Sundanese or also called this waterfall is very much in Majalengka. If travelers and travelers come to the City of Wind, you will find several choices of beautiful, charming and exotic waterfalls in the nuances of its natural environment to visit. One of the things that can be chosen is visiting the Leles Waterfall in Padaherang Village, Padaherang Village, Sindangwangi District, Majalengka Regency, West Java Province.


If a traveler comes from outside Majalengka and his initial arrival transit is from Kertajati West Java International Airport (BIJB), then to go to the location of this waterfall there are several route options that can be chosen to take, namely:


If you pass Jl Tol Cikopo - Palimanan, it will take 1 hour 12 minutes with a distance of 51.2 km. When passing Jl. Raya Beber will be taken for 1 hour 17 minutes, 43.3 km away. The last choice of tourists via Jl. Jatibarang - Kadipaten / Jl. Kertajati - Kadipaten and Jl. The Cikopo-Palimanan toll road travels for 1 hour 20 minutes, the distance is 60.1 km, then the tourists will arrive at the location of this waterfall.


This natural tourist destination of Curug Leles is actually located side by side in the Camping Ground at Cileles Sindawangi. Precisely in the campground block A and block B. A traveler can actually find the flow of the Curug Leles River right away, after purchasing an entrance ticket to the tourist location.


The view of the stunning terraced stone decorations and the flow of the waterfall from the Cileles River can be enjoyed by tourists. In this river flow, you can find an iron bridge and can be used as an instragamable spot for travelers and visitors. In this river there is also an outbound bridge with a large mine. If visitors like adrenaline games, you can try it! Don't worry about the game if a traveler tries it will be guided and guided by a friendly guide.


Visitors to this tour also need a struggle to go to Curug Leles because there is no special walking access. So that a traveler has to go along the plains that are beside the river flow leading to the waterfall. The trip is even more exotic because it walks on small to large rocks. Topographically, this waterfall has an elevation of 6-7 meters. The outpouring of this waterfall feels cold with a fairly large waterfall discharge.


The last note that a traveler must tuck and remember if you want to go to the location of this waterfall, because its location is in the same tourist area! So when visiting this waterfall, tourists should also be camping so that they can enjoy: "Enchanting Enchantment of Leles Majalengka Waterfall" for a longer time.