The Malabar Tea Plantation is a regular, unraveling green carpet to be seen and enjoyed for fans of natural tourist destinations. This plantation is the third largest tea plantation in the world. The location of this natural tourist destination is very popular and is a top priority for tourists when visiting the location. This tea plantation is located in a cool and cold area in the hilly area of South Bandung.


This plantation tourism destination is precisely located in Banjarsari Village, Pangalengan District, Bandung Regency, West Java. This plantation is located at an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level. The temperature reaches between 16-26 degrees Celsius.


The area of the green tea plantation in the Pangalengan area is around 2,022 hectares. The Malabar Tea Plantation is currently owned and managed by a state-owned company (BUMN), namely PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII (Persero). The plantation, which was opened since the colonial era in the 1890s, employs 1,860 employees.


The beginning of the history of this plantation could develop rapidly when it was managed by an expert and competent from the windmills country during the colonial era of the Dutch government in the country, namely, Karel Albert Robert Bosscha since 1896.


Bosscha came to Indonesia in 1887. Karel was a meticulous, superior and well-known tea plantation manager at that time. Albert was also an early pioneer and founder of the Technische Hogeschool or now better known as the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). To commemorate the story of the early pioneering of this plantation in the past by Boscha, tourists can also visit the house and tomb of Karel Albert Robert Bosscha, which is now also an icon of tourist attractions in Malabar.


Tourists will also be spoiled to enjoy the uniqueness and excellence of this destination with a variety of promising facilities such as: Tea Walk (Surrounding Plantation). Of course, this event for tourists who like photography can be immortalized when there are moments that are appropriate and appropriate to take photos as memories during the visit.


Other facilities that deserve to be enjoyed and cannot be left by visitors are taking part in an educational tour (visit to a tea factory).


During visiting this area, tourists will know about tea processing. Visitors can also enter the tea factory which is still operating today and see the tea making process.


Activities that are more unique and very memorable in the heart when tourists visit Wisma Melati and Rumah Kayu Kelapa, namely the classic-style Guest House.


This guesthouse or guest house is specially designed for destination visitors to enjoy a peaceful impression in the mountains. It is suitable for tourists who live and come from big cities to unwind when in this location.


The distance and travel time to the Malabar Tea Plantation is the same as the distance to Situ Cileunca location because of its close proximity. Travel from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, through several travel routes. The tour route starts from BIJB (KJT) to Bandung City through Cikopo-Palimanan-Purbaleunyi-Soroja Toll Road with a distance of (175, 7 km) within 2 hours 8 minutes. Then the tour continues from Soreang to Pangalengan with a distance of 32.7 km and can be reached in 1 hour 13 minutes via Jl Raya Pangalengan.