Get to know the mystery of the charm of the Curug Sawer area.


The tourists who will visit the location of Curug or Waterfall / Curug Sawer Majalengka certainly need struggle and patience to get to the location of this tourism object. Because the location is still hidden and it is still rare for a traveler to visit this destination. Administratively, Curug Sawer is also in an area managed by Perum Perhutani Majalengka and is located at an altitude of 900 to 1300 masl.


Of course, these attractions are still virgin and need travelers who have the courage to come to the location. The advantage is, of course, like finding a new place for the millennial generation or even Gen Z really likes it because the Instagram spot has an additional choice of places to visit.


The journey to Curug Sawer which is in Argalingga Village, Argapura District, Majalengka Regency, West Java Province is 10 km from the east of Maja City. If a traveler from the center of Majalengka City, the distance traveled is 21.5 km.


If tourists from outside Majalengka who travel from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati then for 1 hour 26 minutes the time taken with a distance of 50.7 km through the Jl. Majalengka- Cikijing to get through to this waterfall.


A traveler who comes to this Curug Sawer tour will also have the opportunity to get to know the 5 uniqueness of this waterfall. 5 waterfalls whose water resembles a saweran ceremony. So that this waterfall is called Curug Sawer.


The first and second waterfall will describe exotic natural scenery and are believed to be sacred places. The third waterfall is a place for a camping ground area, because in this location there are large forest trees that provide a challenging natural environment for tourists who want to camp in this location. The waterfall also consists of rock and hard rocks. The place is usually used for sports down the cliff.


The last two waterfalls, namely, the fourth and the fifth waterfall are located close together because the area where the location is quite large. At this location, a traveler will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of a natural forest that is still virgin and if it goes down the fog will feel the atmosphere.


To go to the tourist location, you can use public transportation if you have arrived at Maja Terminal, a traveler can also use a motorcycle taxi service to Argalingga village. Then continue the journey to this waterfall by walking through the vegetable plantation.


The existence of this Sawer waterfall is still very minimal, so tourists rarely want to come and visit this location. If a traveler is challenged to come to a location, it requires careful logistical preparation coupled with bringing a compact tour team as well as a tour guide who is experienced in knowing the location of the waterfall. Because according to local residents or tourists who have come to this waterfall, the location is still considered sacred and full of mystery.