Enjoy the Enchantment of Natural Wonders at the Karang Gunung Batu Park


The existence of various tourist sites in Majalengka Regency makes a separate note for travelers to take the time and choose to be present in person at the desired location. One of the locations that is now being discussed by travelers is the existence of a unique natural tourist destination characterized by ancient rocks with the name of the Taman Batu Gunung Karang destination. The destination itself is located in the Pancurendang Landeuh Block, Babakanjawa Village, Majalengka District, Majalengka Regency.


The original form of the Gunung Karang Rock Park is actually a very large pile of stones. Among the piles of stones were large and hollow stones that formed and appeared to be caves. The rock pile looks like a stone garden.


This cave on Mount Karang is approximately 30 meters long, stretching from east to west. The conditions of the caves vary, some are narrow and some are large. So that the Rock Gunung Karang Park is also known as Mount Karang 1000 Caves.


According to the mythical history of past phenomena, the caves on Mount Karang were once used as places for freedom fighters to drive out invaders during the world war era. They also gathered and arranged a war strategy and took refuge in a cave to face the attacks of the Japanese and Dutch troops at that time.


Another uniqueness that can be enjoyed if tourists take the time to be at the top of the Karang Gunung Batu Park, a traveler can look down at the expanse of the charm of beautiful natural destinations in the Jatiwangi and Kadipaten areas. This can be enjoyed when you can see clearly the curves of the Cimanuk River and the Cilutung River that can be enjoyed from the top of this hill. So that tourists feel at home and are very reluctant to leave the location.


Of course, this unique, exotic and very rare natural charm phenomenon is very unfortunate if it is not immortalized by travelers who like instragamable photographers or documented into videos that can be uploaded on their social media.


To reach this tourist location, if tourists use an airplane and get off at Kertajati West Java International Airport (BIJB), the next traveler's trip will use the route through Jl. Kertajati-Kadipaten with a distance (35.2km) and it takes 57 minutes to reach the destination.