Explore the exoticism of Majalengka Blue Lake


Majalengka is one of the regencies in West Java which in today's era offers more and more various choices for tourists who like natural tourist destinations such as: Curug (Waterfall), green hills to a lake or lake.


One of the lakes that is currently being discussed is the existence of Blue Lake, also known as Telaga Nila or Telaga Biru.


This tourist destination that displays natural wonders is located in Jerukleueut Village, Sindawangi District. Nila Lake or Blue Lake is located at the foot of Mount Ciremai, so the weather and air are still natural and healthy.


The exoticism of this lake or lake can be seen from the color of the water which is clear blue so that the bottom of the lake can be seen clearly. For travelers who like photography can make this lake destination to visit.


The right time to visit this lake is during the rainy season because Telaga Biru's water discharge is quite high. The reason is that when the dry season is in progress, the water discharge will recede, so that the color of the lake will turn green, even this lake can one day become dry. This natural miracle phenomenon is what makes this Blue Lake or Lake very exotic to be visited.


But you need to be extra careful if travelers or tourists want to come to this natural tourist spot because around the Blue Lake or Tilapia Lake there are no traders selling. Even tourist facilities have not been built.


A traveler who likes challenges and is looking for new and virgin instrgamable spots can certainly explore visiting Blue Lake.


The route to Telaga Nila is quite easy. Although it is located a bit inland at the foot of Mount Ciremai, the track is not too difficult for motorized vehicles to pass.


The direction of the clue is to go to the Telaga Herang Sindangwangi tourist attraction because the two lakes are in one direction and Telaga Nila is south of Telaga Herang. If there are difficulties or are afraid of getting lost, are you also worried about the location of this Blue Lake? Tourists also don't be shy to ask local residents or local residents because they will tell you the location of this Blue Lake.


If the traveler is from outside Majalengka and the initial journey starts from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, it will travel for 1 hour 5 minutes with the distance (49.9 km) through the route via Jl. Cikopo - Palimanan toll road to reach this destination.