, Bandung - As many as 696 investors from a number of countries such as Japan, the United States, France, Singapore, Malaysia and Finland will participate in the 2020 West Java Investment Summit (WJIS).


According to Noneng Komara Nengsih, Head of Investment and One Stop Services (DPMPTSP) West Java Province, this number has the potential to increase along with the ongoing promotions.


"There are 696 companies and investors who are ready to participate in market sounding and one on one meeting with the project owner in WJIS 2020," said Noneng in his official statement written in Bandung, Thursday (12/11/2020).


The implementation of WJIS 2020 itself will be carried out virtually for 4 days, starting from 16-19 November 2020.


The event was divided into eight main activities namely Launching of the Metropolitan Rebana, Project Announcement, High Level Session, One-on-One Meeting, Investment Talkshow, Trade and Tourism Webinar, Groundbreaking Subang Smartpolitan, and Site Visit.


There are 27 projects with an investment value of IDR 32 trillion that are ready to be offered in WJIS 2020.


Noneng hopes that WJIS 2020 can attract investors' interest to invest in West Java, especially in the Rebana Metropolitan area.


"This year's WJIS also focuses on the trade and tourism sectors. These two sectors can be the fastest trigger for West Java's economic growth," said Noneng.


Noneng explained that in quarter II-2020 and quarter -2020, the West Java economy contracted quite deeply. With the existence of this WJIS, Noneng hopes that economic recovery can be accelerated considering that investment is one of the engines that can stimulate economic growth.


Meanwhile, the President Director of PT Bandarudara Internasional West Java (PT BIJB) Salahudin Rafi said that in WJIS 2020 investors are interested in investing in BIJB Kertajati and Aerocity.


BIJB Kertajati and Aerocity are logistical support for industries in the Rebana Metropolitan area.


"In this WJIS, we appointed PT Jaswita to collaborate with BIJB and bank bjb to build three, five and mice star hotels in the airport integrated building area. This is needed to support Hajj and Umrah departures," said Salahudin.


Meanwhile, a representative of PT Suryacipta Swadaya who is the owner of the Subang Smartpolitan project, Grace, said that WJIS 2020 could be an entry point for investors to invest in West Java.


Grace thanked the West Java Provincial Government (Regional Government) for their support to the private sector. So that the group can develop the industrial area that is being managed.


"Even though in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we still support investment, and hope that with this new city, Subang Smartpolitan, investors will come and invest in our location and West Java," said Grace.


The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (Jabar) in collaboration with the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia, West Java Province, held a West Java Investment Summit (WJIS) 2020 virtually for four days. On the first and second day, WJIS was held at Savoy Homann, Bandung City.


In the first and second day of WJIS, there will be keynote speeches from the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, the Governor of Bank Indonesia, and the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). Ridwan Kamil will symbolically hand over investment permits with seven regional heads who are in the Rebana Metropolitan investment area.


The seven regional heads include Subang Regency, Cirebon Regency, Majalengka Regency, Indramayu Regency, Kuningan Regency, Sumedang Regency, and Cirebon City.


In addition, on the first and second days of WJIS, there will be a Metropolitan Rebana Launch, Project Announcement, High Level Session, One-on-One Meeting, Investment Talkshow, and Trade and Tourism Webinar.


The third day of WJIS or on Wednesday (11/18/20), the groundbreaking of the Subang Smartpolitan will be laid.


The following day, a site visit will be held to the Rebana Metropolitan investment area. On the fourth day or on Thursday (19/10/20), the site visit was to Rebana, Kertajati West Java International Airport (BIJB) and Aerocity Subang. There will be groundbreaking for hotel construction at the airport. (Arie Nugraha)


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