BANDUNG ( - AirAsia Indonesia and Citilink are reported to be operating again at Kertajati Airport, Majalengka, West Java.


Airline news will be stretched again at the airport with the terminal carrying the peacock concept to be a breath of fresh air for travelers in the West part of Central Java, Cirebon, Kuningan, Majalengka, Subang, Purwakarta and Karawang.


According to the information obtained by and, the two airlines have offered tickets from the airport managed by PT Angkasa Pura II in collaboration with PT Bandara Internasional West Java (BIJB).


AirAsia is rumored to start flying September 21, 2020 with a route to Juanda Airport, Surabaya. Meanwhile, Citilink starts October 1, 2020 with the Soekarno-Hatta-Kertajati-Juanda Airport route. and confirmed the news to the President Director of PT BIJB 'Salahudin Rafi.


"We also heard the news. We are sure it will be realized if there is good market interest. We are ready to serve planes and passengers, "he said, Sunday (6/7/2020).


He emphasized that in principle Citilink, AirAsia and Lion Air never cancel flight schedules from Kertajati Airport. The operator is still waiting for market response.


"Currently, Citilink and AirAsia are currently exercising by presenting Kertajati Airport for the September and October 2020 flight schedules. If the response is strong, Citilink and AirAsia will continue to branch out from Kertajati," explained Salahudin Rafi.


Therefore, he hopes that travelers can take advantage of the golden opportunity to fly back from Kertajati Airport. "We will serve the traveler as much as possible, by providing an extraordinary flying travel experience," he said.


He emphasized that travelers should not hesitate or be afraid to travel by airplane in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, because all health protocols at airports and planes are implemented optimally.


"Like the safe travel campaign, which was initiated by PT Angkasa Pura II, Kertajati Airport also offers healthy, safe and comfortable services," said the former Director of Airport and Technology Development of PT Angkasa Pura II.





Rafi said that the operation of commercial flights carrying passengers will also boost cargo flow. "Because our air cargo is still dominated by cargo on passenger planes," he said.


According to him, the opportunity for income from the cargo sector is still large. "Before the pandemic, we could still carry 5-6 tons of cargo, last year it even reached around 460 tons. In terms of investors and logistics players, the need is there, not lost, ”he said.


On that occasion, Rafi also said that his party is sharpening the BIJB business plan in the future, such as utilizing cargo to strengthening aerocity development plans.


"The revision of the aerocity master plan is on going, the target is to finish this year, we have already met with Bappeda and reported it to the Governor," he said. (awe).


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