ZONA PRIANGAN - PT BIJB (Kertajati International Airport, West Java) provides massive discounts for airlines willing to fly to Kertajati Airport.


Big discounts are also given to land transportation that collaborates with PT BIJB to pick up airport passengers.


This is to encourage the return of flights to Kertajati, which until now has not started activities since the pandemic hit all parts of the world which resulted in sluggish flight activities to Kertajati since last May.


Currently, there are no airlines that are willing to return to Kertajati because the number of passengers is minimal. The passenger occupancy rate is still below 50 percent, if it is forced the airline will lose money.


Vp of Corporate Secretary and Public Communication of PT BIJB Handika Suryo Syaiful, revealed that discounts also apply to aircraft parking and tenants prepared at the Kertajati Airport terminal, both outside and inside.


Handika conveyed, while waiting for the resurrection of passengers flying to Kertajati Airport, the management is now continuing to encourage the realization of Umrah and cargo flights from BIJB.


"BIJB continues to coordinate with cargo players and operators to realize cargo flights from BIJB," he said.


He is grateful, Kertajati Airport has also become one of the airports that serves immigration checks, one of which is for Umrah. The letter of the Director General of Immigration regarding this matter was received by PT BIJB on 8 December. So that it dispels public doubts about Hajj and Umrah services from Kertajati Airport.


"In connection with Covid some time ago there were only 7 airports that served Umrah immigration, but now Kertajati Airport has entered as an airport that serves immigration," he said.


The work contract between PT BIJB and the Umrah airline is still valid, namely Garuda Indonesia. Only now to serve the Umrah, the problem is now waiting for the Government of Saudi Arabia to reopen the Umrah trip.


Another problem that may be a bit of an obstacle is the age restriction for Umrah pilgrims which requires those aged 50 years and under. While the average congregation leaving for Umrah is above the age of 50.


"Now all facilities at Kertajati Airport for Umrah flights as well as interstate flights are ready because Immigration has issued an immigration service letter, hopefully Covid-19 will soon pass so that air transportation can return to normal and BIJB can serve flights to a number of places as before," said Handika. ***


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