The Enchanting Enchantment of Natural Tourism on the Bukit Lawang Saketeng Temple


On vacation at the end of the year, long vacation or even the end of the weekend, of course you usually worry about what agenda will be filled with? And where will that time be spent? One agenda that is often done is to visit tourist attractions.


Of course the tourists who will fill this vacation, are now looking for the right tourist location and in accordance with the nuances that will be obtained. If a traveler wants and chooses a tour with green hilly nuances, then it is very appropriate to visit the location of a natural tourist destination, Bukit Candi Lawang Sekateng. Why did you choose this location?


Yup, because this hillside destination area is very charming, it is a new location that is busy being discussed by residents of Majalengka and its surroundings.


Even photos of this area's destination are very popular and are hunted by hobbyists and who like Instagramable photo hunting. Why is it becoming a new hit? Due to the location of photos of the Bukit Candi Lawang Saketeng area, which has a landscape of terraced hills, it is very popular among travelers who come to the location.


The beautiful and charming green background of the terraced hills is starting to become a hit and enliven social media. Likewise, the videos began to spread on YouTube.


The privileges of some of the facilities at this hill destination are also an added value to be enjoyed for travelers visiting this location including:


You can use a large stage photo spot to enjoy the charming natural panorama of the terraced hills as well as capture it for selfies. There are also various other spot choices in this area, such as: wooden huts that look more modern in terms of design. The existence of this spot, of course a traveler will be spoiled to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, which is very fitting to capture the moments of these natural wonders.


Other facilities that are available in this tourist area are: prayer room, toilet, gazebo and parking area


Of course the traveler is even more curious, right? To start scheduling his vacation visits to this hill location. The destination of Bukit Candi Lawang Saketeng is around Jalan Sukasari Kaler - Panyaweuyan, Kampung Dongkol to be precise in Sukasari Kaler Village, Argapura District, Majalengka Regency.


The route to Bukit Candi Lawang Saketeng is the same as the route to the Panyaweuyan Terraces because it is still one area. Only about 23 km from downtown Majalengka and takes about 50 minutes. Apart from being a natural tourist destination in Majalengka, Bukit Candi Lawang Saketeng is also a location for farmers to pick up and earn for their sustenance needs.


If tourists come from outside Majalengka and want to go to a location whose initial journey starts from Kertajati West Java International Airport (BIJB), then the travel time to the location is 1 hour 14 minutes with the distance (46.3 km) with the route through Jl. Kertajati - Kadipaten and Jl. Majalengka - Cikijing.