Get to know the charm of beauty Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka


The area of ​​natural tourist destinations that are characteristic of being very beautiful and often found in Majalengka Regency is the presence of several waterfalls (called in Sundanese) or waterfalls which are famous and often become the talk of tourists. One of the waterfalls that the traveler likes is located on the slopes of Mount Ciremai known as the Apuy waterfall.


This waterfall also has another name, namely Curug Muara Jaya, because this waterfall is the existence of its water flow to the Muara Jaya River. The location of this waterfall is in Argamukti Village, Majalengka Regency. This waterfall is about half a kilometer on the west side of Argamukti Village.


There are 2 levels of waterfall waterfall. This waterfall is also classified as a cascade waterfall with a total waterfall height of about 73 meters. The first level is the main waterfall which falls from a height of about 60 meters on a rocky cliff wall. The second level of this waterfall is shorter with a distance of 13 meters.


The area around this waterfall also has cool air. The land is also very fertile, so you can find lots of palawija and vegetable gardens. In this area there are also many persimmon trees that can grow and develop.


The facilities available have also been provided by the destination manager to pamper travelers to feel at home in this destination. The facilities provided include: Stalls selling food, drinks, space for camping ground, parking space, restroom, prayer room and playground space for children.


There is also a Muara Jaya Meeting Hall which is provided as a place to rest for visitors to rest at this tourist location.


Of course, the destination location of this waterfall can be an option and is very suitable for visits by millennial generations, gen Z and previous generations to take selfies to be immortalized on their social media or even record them in the form of videos to be uploaded on their YouTube.


To get to this tourist attraction a traveler must travel a distance of 20 km from the center of Majalengka City. If travelers use public transportation from the city, they can take the elf or L-300 type public transportation to Maja.


Tourists from outside Majalengka City who initially travel from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka to get to the location of this waterfall can take 1 hour 32 minutes with the distance traveled (50.9 km) by passing the route that must be passed Jl. Majalengka - Cikijing to reach the destination.