MAJALENGKA ( - Dozens of potential investors have shown interest in investing in the AeroCity area of ​​Kertajati Airport, Majalengka, West Java.


The interest arose after PT Bandarudara Internasional West Java (BIJB) opened the opportunity for cooperation in managing the Airport Hotel and MICE Facility in the area around Kertajati International Airport.


President Director of PT BIJB, Salahudin Rafi, told and, Monday (7/7/2020), there were 12 potential investors taking RFQ (Request For Qualification) documents.


"We invite investment and communicate via the web or email to [email protected]" he explained.


Rafi said that together with the West Java Provincial Government, BIJB encouraged the development of aerocity by investors to be realized immediately.


"For investors, AeroCity is a gold area. The term dragon head. Because the economy is growing in Majalengka, Cirebon, Indramayu and the surrounding area. The economy includes agricultural products, fisheries, animal husbandry and creative crafts, "he said.


He also warned that there were plans for 17 international companies to relocate factories to Brebes and Batang, Central Java.


"If the relocation is to be made, then the potential for production will be exported through Kertajati Airport because it is relatively closer than through Semarang. Cargo flights will grow rapidly, needed cargo infrastructure and supporting facilities, "said Rafi.


Parallel to the increase in passenger and cargo traffic, hotels and shopping centers, which are representative, are needed inside the airport. "Thus, Aerocity at Kertajati Airport is a gold mine, which promises multiple benefits," he said.


It was reported that the government prepared two industrial zones at once to welcome the factories that would relocate to Indonesia. Batang Industrial Estate and Brebes Industrial Estate (KIB).


BKPM Investment Promotion Deputy for Investment, Ikmal Lukman, revealed that currently 17 companies are actively communicating to relocate the factory, seven of which have already said they will come to Indonesia.


"So this way, the 17th one is waiting for Brebes to finish, we point to Batang first. Later after Brebes is finished we make the same portion. Because both are very strategic, the location is in the middle of Java, "said Ikmal in the Squawk Box, (Friday, 07/03/2020).


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