Enjoy the Exotic Enchantment of Mount Ciwaru Majalengka

The influence of the instragamable spot boom that was chased by millennial generation netizens or even gen z also gave birth to the natural tourism area in Majalengka, precisely on Mount Ciwaru which was present 3 years ago. Thanks to the shared ideas and creativity between the youths and residents around the mountain, now the mountain area has been transformed and turned into a destination that is hunted by visitors.

This natural tourist destination of Mount Ciwaru is located on Jl.Desa Payung Pajajar Ragaluh, Majalengka Regency, West Java Province.

The exotic charm and beautiful mountain panoramas can be enjoyed by tourists who come to visit this tourist location. The natural scratches of the pine forest that are in a green and neatly arranged stretch of forest will make travelers feel at home in this natural tourist attraction.

The original natural background decoration in the south of this mountain in the form of the perfect form of Mount Cermai also shows a magical power so enchanting the combination of these two mountains, in one order of the charm of the beauty of nature. Of course, this natural wonder feomena can be enjoyed by travelers and travelers who take their time to attend this location.

Another advantage of destinations in this mountain area is that the managers provide several photo spots for taking selfies such as photo spots in the form of: bird nests and viewing posts. Of course, this facility really pampers tourists to enjoy it.

The tourists who want to come to this mountain tourism location certainly need to know the route. If a traveler wants to visit the tourist destination of Mount Ciwaru, if the trip starts from the direction of Majalengka City, it will go to - Payung Village (Via Teja Village or Sindangpano Village) then to - Cimerang Block - and arrive at a T-junction then take a straight road, about 50 meters turn right then 50 meters turn left then follow the road straight - until you meet a fork, then continue taking the right path until the road ends and stops at a residential area.

Arriving at that location, motorbikes, cars and buses can park at that location. The journey continues on foot to the top of Mount Ciwaru about 300 meters with an uphill terrain.

Another route can be taken by a Traveler starting from Sindangwangi - then heading to Bantaragung Village - then Bantaragung Village - to Payung Village - Nangklak rice fields - then arrives at Blok Cimerang, then goes left at Cimerang and continues towards Mount Ciwaru tour.

As for tourists and visitors who come from outside Majalengka and the initial transit starts from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, the trip to the location can take 1 hour 14 minutes with a travel distance of 53.6 km and through the route Jl. Cikopo - Palimanan toll road to get to the destination location.