, BANDUNG - The management of PT Bandarudara Internasional West Java (BIJB) is still eager to manage Kertajati Airport, Majalengka even though the flight is being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.


President Director of PT BIJB Salahudin Rafi said the lonely conditions at Kertajati Airport also occurred at other airports throughout the world which were initially always crowded and full.


"Now hundreds of airports around the world feel how lonely like Kertajati Airport. Even Soekarno-Hatta also felt zero flight conditions, "he joked to the Rebana II Exploration Team of the Indonesian Business Representative of West Java, Wednesday (6/24/2020).


According to him, the condition of the deserted flight utilized by his side to sharpen BIJB's business plans in the future such as the use of cargo to the strengthening of aerocity development plans.


"The revision of the master plan aerocity on going, the target is completed this year, we have already met with Bappeda and reported to the Governor," he said.


Rafi himself assessed that the new aviation industry will recover in mid-2021. Return to normal is likely to occur in 2022.


But the opportunity for income from the cargo sector is still there. "Before the pandemic yesterday we were still able to transport 5-6 tons of cargo, last year it reached around 460 tons. From the investor and logistical side, the need is there, not lost, "he said.


Prior to that, his party had prepared a service scheme that implemented the new normal concept while waiting for more detailed directions from the Ministry of Transportation regarding the implementation.


"Kertajati Airport is ready to implement the new normal policy for airline operators, airlines, airport managers and passengers. Internally we have developed a scheme with the West Java Transportation Office, just waiting for further details from the Ministry of Transportation, "he explained, Wednesday (5/27/2020).


From the results of a survey conducted on 647 respondents for 10 days [17-26 May] the desire of the public to return to using flight facilities from Kertajati is still high. Rafi noted 62 percent of potential passengers intend to travel via Kertajati air.


Then there are 72 percent more people who are willing to wait 1-3 months to return to be ready to use air transportation. The survey also shows that the application of new normal policies in the air transportation sector and the application of health protocols make the confidence of prospective passengers to fly even more solid.


For the record, Business Indonesia Rebana Triangle Triangling II can again be carried out with the support of many parties, including, West Java Provincial Government, Majalengka Regency Government, BJB Bank, PT Migas Hulu West Java (MUJ), West Java Industry and Trade Office, BIJB, Disparbud Jabar, JNE, XL and Telkomsel.


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