The most popular tourist destination for tourists to relieve fatigue from daily activities is to get to know the natural environment that is still natural, beautiful and has not been polluted with a variety of life pollution. These tourists usually visit national parks or mountainous areas to fulfill their desires. One of the national parks in West Java that is frequently visited is the Mount Ciremai National Park (TNGC).


This area is interesting because of its uniqueness in Mount Ciremai, which is the highest volcano in West Java.


The area of ​​Gunung Ciremai National Park (TNGC) is administratively included in two districts, namely Majalengka Regency and Kuningan Regency, West Java Province.


Geographically this national park has an area of ​​15,859.17 hectares with its geographic scope directly adjacent to Cigugur, Darma, Nusaherang, Kadugege in the south, while in the west it is bordered by Majalengka, and in the east it is bordered by Kramatmulya District, Jalaksana District, Cilimus District , and in the north it is bordered by Cirebon Regency.


If traced history, the existence of this national park has undergone a long period of development. It begins with a decree that was decided by the Dutch East Indies Government that the Ceremai Mountain forest was included in the forest cover group in 1930.


Then in 2003 this area changed its status to Protection Forest. Then based on Letter Number 522/1480 / Dishutbun regarding the Proposal for the Mount Ciremai Forest Area as a Nature Conservation area, and in 2014 the local Regent designated it as Mount Ciremai National Park.


Another uniqueness, the Mount Ciremai National Park area is also rich in diversity of flora and fauna. Starting from the types that are often found, wild, to rare fauna and eventually form a habitat in (TNGC). So that this area can function as a conservation location.


Various tourist destinations in the region (TNGC) are also very interesting and exotic with a variety of uniqueness and challenges to always be visited by tourists, namely:


1. Curug Putri

Curug Putri is one of the waterfalls in this national park area. This waterfall, which has a height of up to 20 meters, is a must-visit tourist spot for tourists. Here visitors can enjoy the fresh air and get a serenity of life while one with nature.


2. Mussels Lake

Telaga Remis has a historical value relationship in the past, because it was a silent witness to various activities during the Mataram Kingdom era. In addition, the lake which has an area of ​​2.82 hectares is surrounded by rows of pine trees, making it a perfect location for a photo. Visitors can also do water bike and fishing activities.


3. Situ Cicerem

Situ Cicerem is a lake at the foot of Mount Ciremai and is also known as Lake Cermin. Because, this lake water is very clear. Access to reach the lake is also very easy, using only two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.


4. The Seven Wells of Cikajayaan

Sumur Tujuh Cikajayaan has a fairly thick religious value. The reason for this comes from the public belief that the well, which is hundreds of years old, is believed to be the place where the guardian of Cirebon originated.


5. Camping ground

This national park area for tourists who want to camp there are several choices of locations to make their choice. The campgrounds available in this area are: Cibunar Camping Ground, Woodland Hulu Ciawi Camping Ground, Balong Dalem Camping Ground, Patulungan Camping Ground and Cipanten Camping Ground.


6. Situ Sangiang

Situ Sangiang is a tourist location which is about 800 meters before Talaga City from the south. The scenery in this area is indeed very beautiful. Visitors can also do hiking, fishing, boating and other activities.


7. The peak of Mount Ciremai

Mount Ciremai as the highest mountain in West Java, of course, has challenges for climbers or tourists to conquer its peak. Moreover, the terrain to the top is quite heavy, the weather is unstable, and springs are hard to find along the path to the top.


Some of the climbing routes to the top of Ciremai include: the Linggarjati or Linggasana climbing route, the Palutungan hiking trail, the Apuy hiking trail, and the Padabeunghar hiking trail.


To visit the Mount Ciremai National Park (TNGC), the distance and travel time to the destination locations that tourists must travel by using land transportation from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, can take several travel routes. Travel route for tourist destinations can be initiated from BIJB (KJT) through Jl Majalengka-Cikijing with a distance of 59.3 km and travel time for 1 hour 54 minutes.