The Covid-19 pandemic is a non-natural disaster that is currently happening in Indonesia, all elements must be prepared to face the Covid-19 outbreak. PT BIJB's participation in the one million masks movement activity was initiated by Majalengka Regent, Dr. H. Karna Sobahi, M.M, Pd.


The activity of the one million mask movement aims to help prevent Covid-19 transmission, especially in the area of ​​Majalengka Regency and will be distributed to sub-districts, villages, RWs and RTs in Majalengka district. In addition, various elements of the community also gathered together to contribute to this movement including the entire head of the Majalengka sub-district, CSR Forum, Businessmen, KONI, Kwarcab Scouting Movement of Majalengka Regency, Baznaz, Students, Community Organizations and other layers of the community.


This activity was attended by all of PT BIJB's board of directors and donated mask masks totaling 2500 masks, the mask was given directly by Mr. Salahudin Raffi as President Director to the Regent of Karna Sobahi on Friday 17 April 2020 at the tennis court of the Secretariat of the Majalengka District (Setda).


In this activity 300,000 masks were collected, he hopes that with this movement the Majalengka people will be more aware of the dangers of the Covid-19 epidemic and increase the intensity of the use of masks as an initial step to anticipate the handling of Covid-19.