Enjoy the weekend is very appropriate when done with a walk with a loved one or family. Heard the name Ciater that may cross our minds is a hot spring. But make no mistake at Ciater there are also vacation spots that are very suitable to be enjoyed with family.


Sari Ater Camping Park offers a very different Glamorous Camping concept by offering a stay experience that is closer to nature that will make you and your family feel a different camping sensation than usual. At Sari Ater Camping Park there are many facilities that you can enjoy while on vacation there. There are mini zoo, restaurants, swimming pools, parks, and other outbound activities facilities.


If you want to stay there, you should do it far away, not suddenly. Usually when weekends or holiday tents camping there will be full. Adjust the type of tent that you want to order with your needs. Because there are types of tents that have different specifications including types of Hedgehog Tents, Kijang Tents, and Eagle Tents.


For its location on the highway Ciater, Ciater District Subang Regency, West Java. 16km away from tourist sites in Lembang such as Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Orchid Forest, and Graphic Cikole.