Bandung - The management of PT Bandarudara Internasional West Java (BIJB) began to stretch again in the new normal era. A number of short-term recovery strategies were carried out, one of which turned on special pilgrimage services and cargo from Kertajati Airport, Majalengka in September.


President Director of PT BIJB Salahudin Rafi said, currently the Ministry of Transportation has relaxed airline transportation services. In addition, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also encouraged BUMDs to speed up to pick up available business opportunities.


"We have gathered Umrah travel agents and lobbied Garuda Indonesia for September Umrah flight charters, as well as cargo," Rafi told reporters on Wednesday (07/29/2020).


This special flight was carried out by hiring a plane to fly Umrah pilgrims from West Java, whose departure had been delayed due to handling of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia. "Later BIJB will charter the aircraft," said Rafi.

Rafi said, for cargo shipments, this business opportunity is very open considering that 90 percent of cargo services in Indonesia use commercial aircraft every day.


"September we can start this service because during the pandemic air transportation for shipping goods is still there," he said.


BIJB, also known as Kertajati Airport, once enjoyed the economic cake of cargo services in 2019 with a capacity of 400 tons. This service was still running in January, but then dropped dramatically since March because of Covid-19.


"Our income is only from parking for transfer planes from Soekarno-Hatta," said Rafi.


Rafi added the plan to open special services in September according to him in accordance with the results of a survey of consumers.


"62% will fly back by looking at the implementation of health protocols at the airport, we see September there will be movement," he concluded.


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