Pangandaran is indeed famous for its beach tourism. But, it turns out there are still many other tourist objects in Pangandaran Regency, one of which is Sinjang Lawang Cave tourism. For those of you who want to enjoy the natural atmosphere that is still beautiful and want a short break from the bustle of daily activities, this place is a suitable destination to visit.


The name of this cave is taken from Sundanese language. Sinjang has the meaning of cloth and lawang has the meaning of a door. Need to struggle to get to the location of the cave, before reaching the location of visitors must walk through the pathway served by natural scenery that spoil your eyes and then continue the journey by using rubber tires along the river to get to the location of the cave.


When you arrive at the location, the end will see beautiful stalactites, not only the cave stalactites, there are also many places that can be used as a spot for taking pictures. Every tourist who visits this cave must have self-awareness not to damage and must preserve the Sinjang Lawang Cave.


The location is located in Parinengan Hamlet, Jadimulya Village, Langkap Lancar District, Pangandaran Regency. The facilities in Sinjang Lawang Cave are still inadequate, because this place is still not popular among tourists.