Majalengka July 29, 2020

In order to welcome Idul Adha 1441 Hijri, PT.BIJB had the opportunity to offer sacrificial animals to the community around the West Java Kertajati International Airport, which was conducted at the Kertajati sub-district office, Majalengka.


The process of submitting sacrificial animals is carried out in a simple manner by prioritizing health protocols in accordance with government recommendations, in the handover process several representatives from agencies who were invited were also invited to the process of handing over sacrificial animals including representatives from Kertajati sub-district represented by Mr. Asep Rukanda as Kertajati sub-district head. , Major Lek. Dedi (Kadis Ops Lanud Sukani), Captain, Caj Murta (Danramil 0617), Ipda Budi (Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Kertajati Police) and 6 village heads around BIJB Kertajati.


The sacrificial animals that PT.BIJB gave were 10 garut sheep with a total nominal value of IDR 50,000,000, given directly to the representatives of the invited agencies. Some goats were given directly by Mr. Muhamad Singgih as the financial director of PT.BIJB. The purpose of this event is as a form of concern and love between PT. BIJB, Muspika Kertajati and villages affected by the construction of the airport.


Mr. Asep Rukanda said he was grateful to PT.BIJB for the handover of the sacrificial animals, for the care given to the Kertajati community, he invited all levels of society, especially in Kertajati to always support and wish the best for PT.BIJB.


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