Enchantment of Instragamable Destinations, Situ Nyimas Cincin Majalengka


For young friends of Majalengka and its surroundings, of course the Situ Natural Tourism Destination (Situ, the term in the land of Pasundan, in Indonesian it is usually called a lake) Nyimas Ring of Puncak Jahim has recently become the subject of trending and hits. The theme of their chat is of course talking about visiting the tourism area. Moreover, this location is equipped with photo spot facilities in the Cinta Boat spot.


Of course the spot is very Instragamabale and appropriate for travelers to come to this location (Lake) which is located in a large tourist area. Supported by a clean, beautiful environment and located in a mountainous area. The expanse of trees around there can be seen lined up with pine trees and other green plants growing around it (Lake). This tourism area is also located in a protected forest area. Travelers and travelers outside Majalengka will certainly be interested and curious to come and visit this location.


The location of the Situ Nyimas Cincin destination is located on Jl. Cikijing-Panjalu, Cintaasih, Cingambul, Majalengka Regency, West Java Province. For tourists and travelers who will go there, if the trip starts from Majalengka City, then the direction of the journey starts straight towards Cikijing. Then turn right and take the path going to Ciamis. Then turn right again to Jahim. Then go straight until you meet Cintaasih Village, Cingambul District, Majalengka Regency. The tourist destinations are located on the left of the main road.


If the traveler and visitor from outside Majalengka and the initial journey starts from the West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, then after transiting at that airport. Then the trip can be continued to the location of Wana Wisata with an average trip that will cover a distance of 1 hour 59 minutes with a distance of 66.5 km. Then the route continues through Jl. Majalengka - Cikijing to reach the location of natural destinations managed by Perhutani Majalengka.


Other facilities that a traveler can enjoy when they come to this tour are: The existence of a flying fox, downhill, water bike, a place for lesehan if tourists come with family or special groups. This destination is also equipped with camping facilities. The total area of ​​this destination is 25 hectares.


Of course this natural tourist destination is very fitting and suitable to be on the agenda of travelers and local, national and foreign tourists, both individually and in groups to fill their long holidays or weekends when visiting this tour.