Currently the tourism industry sector is growing rapidly, this is marked by the emergence of new tourist attractions, such as in Kuningan there are new attractions that are currently popular, namely Woodland.


Woodland is a tourist attraction that is very beautiful, cool, and beautiful. This area is surrounded by large shady trees and there is a wooden bridge facility that becomes the icon of this place. There are also a variety of other facilities such as rides, swimming pools, horse racing, outbound, photo spots that are current and there are also Woodland restaurants available at this place.


There are several swimming pools with different depth variations, so it is very safe when swimming for children. The pool water is sourced from Ciremai mountain natural springs surrounded by large trees making this place increasingly shady and cool.


There is one swimming pool that is specifically designed to be a unique photo spot. Inside the pool there are motorbikes, computers, bicycles, and also ornamental fish will accompany visitors to capture photos in this swimming pool.


Entrance ticket
- Weekday Rp. 15,000
- Weekend Rp. 20,000
- Ticket outbound facility Rp.10,000 - Rp.25,000
- Underwater photo ticket Rp. 30,000


Woodlan Tourism is located at Jl. Setianegara-Ragasakti No. 130, Cilimus District, Kuningan District, West Java Province. If you are still unfamiliar with the Kuningan area you should use Google Maps as a direction or road.