The closest tourist destination to Nusawiru which is about 6 km away is Green Canyon. Local and foreign tourists are very enthusiastic about visiting this very famous natural tourist location in Pangandaran.


The Origin of Green Canyon

The geographic history of the origin of Green Canyon was formed from the dissolving process of limestone from underground rivers that flowed between gaps and crevasses of the rock. This process lasts for thousands of years so that it forms canyons and penetrates the karst rocks to form beautiful ornaments such as stalactites and stalagmites.

The water of the Cijulang River that crosses the Green Canyon area is very clear with abundant moss, which affects the color of the water to Tosca green, this is also the reason Cukang Taneuh was introduced with the brand name Green Canyon.


Head for Green Canyon

To enjoy and visit Green Canyon, the distance and travel time to this destination that tourists must travel by using land transportation from West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, can be through several travel routes. Travel route for tourist destinations can be started from BIJB (KJT) through Jl Majalengka-Cikijing with a distance of 199.9 and travel time for 5 hours 28 minutes.


Various Supporting Facilities

Tourists will enjoy a variety of supporting facilities at destination locations such as: The availability of a large and adequate parking space for tourists who come along with large groups using large buses or other public transportation when they arrive and arrive at tourist sites.


Tour Boat

Green Canyon Gate, only accessible by Boat Tour. Then tourists from the dock (through the counter entrance), then will wade and see the clear and clear water of the Cijulang River, escorted by motorboat. The trip through this river covers a distance of 3 km and takes about 30 to 50 minutes.

While on the way, visitors will be treated to the natural beauty of the natural surroundings. Along the way, the river is dominated by green. Likewise, the thick forest and thick trees that can be seen on either side of the river are very beautifull to be enjoyed and immortalized.


Fun Activities

At the end of the trip, the boat will enter a narrow gap between the large rock that separates the river, there are officers on guard on the rocks to control the crowd of boat traffic with flags. Motorboats must enter the lane one by one to keep from colliding with each other.


Travel Tips to Green Canyon

The best time to visit Green Canyon is during the dry season. if the rainy season and river water overflows, to a certain extent Green Canyon will be closed to visitors for safety.

Every weekend (Saturday or Sunday) especially during long holidays or school holidays, Green Canyon will be full and crowded with tourists and visitors. If there is no time to choose another time that is more free, then the tips for the way out during body rafting activities, try to be able to start by arriving early to the location.